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  • okt 2015
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Interessante casebeschrijving van de implementatie van een groot sociaal intranet bij BASF. Het platform ondersteunt na 3 jaar:

  • Expert networks and professional groups (Communities of Expertise)
  • Social networking groups (Communities of Interest)
  • Corporate initiatives and corporate units (Communities of Engagement)
  • Workgroups and project teams (Communities of Practice)

Een gevleugelde uitspraak bij @wijvanwinkwaves is altijd dat 'een sociaal intranet ís dat wat je er mee doet', het is een levend platform dat in een continue staat van ontwikkeling is. Dat is ook de ervaring bij BASF: "The project documented itself virtually automatically as it progressed. All team members were able to keep track of the latest status at all times and found all of the information they needed in one location. Open information exchange ultimately cut the crucial project stage – evaluation – by 25 percent"

De belangrijkste tips die worden gegeven aan de community managers van een sociaal intranet: The community managers promote the active utilization of connect.BASF in many ways:

  • We run demos (e.g. at department meetings) showing the benefits connect.BASF has to offer.
  • We go on the road to large sites and subsidiaries.
  • We help business units, project teams, expert communities and senior management to meet their business needs using connect.BASF. If connect.BASF is intended to help achieve more complex goals, we provide advice and support for several months at a time.
  • In collaboration with the users concerned, we develop best practice guidelines based on successful examples of using the network.
  • We set a good example in the network itself by openly making knowledge available and showing virtual collaboration in action. By doing so, we provide hands-on examples of bridging organizational silos, self-organization and the principle of give and take.
  • We provide guidance to users and help them to help themselves, for example by networking employees who have similar concerns.
  • We identify highly active users and encourage them to promote the use of connect.BASF in their organization as advocates.
  • To promote information-sharing and dialogue, we organize regular live events for advocates, other active users and senior management.
  • We evaluate the degree of utilization of connect.BASF by methods including continuous monitoring and regular user surveys. This enables goal-directed further development of communication, community management and the platform itself.
The growth of an enterprise social network at BASF | simply communicate

The growth of an enterprise social network at BASF | simply communicate

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