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Can C.E.O. Satya Nadella Save Microsoft? | Vanity Fair

Inzicht in de geschiedenis van Microsoft, de uitdagingen waarvoor het nu staat en uitgebreide persoonlijke schetsen van de drie topmannen: Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer en Satya Nadella. Met daarbij de oorspronkelijke missie: *And the original idea of having great software people and broad software products and Office being the primary tool that people look to across all these devices, that’ s as true today and as strong as ever.*

Bovendien nog als bonus twee tegeltjeswijsheden uit Silicon Valley:

In the Valley, there are two sayings that everyone regards as truth. One is that profits follow relevance. The other is that there’s a difference between strategic position and financial position. “It’s easy to be in denial and think the financials reflect the current reality,” says a close observer of technology firms. “They do not.”

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Can C.E.O. Satya Nadella Save Microsoft? | Vanity Fair


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