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Marjolijn Scholman
Jana Smit

Communicating as a Virtual Team Leader

Samenwerken, best lastig... Om virtuele teams productief te laten samenwerken zal de projectleider/teamleider op vele gebieden (extra) aandacht moeten vestigen. Deze blogpost beschrijft 4 gebieden waar een teamleider van een virtueel team aandacht aan zal moeten besteden:

  1. Activity Awareness: Tracking what people are doing. Use technology (wikis, groupware) and share with the team the responsibility of informing each other of work activity.
  2. Availability Awareness: Knowing who is where and when. Implement group calendaring to increase efficiencies in work assignments and meeting coordination.
  3. Process Awareness: Understanding the flow of work processes and how team members’ individual tasks fit together to accomplish the goal. Build work processes together as a team so that individuals both design and understand how the work will be done, and how it flows interdependently toward the goal.
  4. Social Awareness: Understanding the affiliation and group dynamics that knit the team together in cyberspace. Build opportunities in every interaction and meeting for team members to learn to know and trust each other. Make relationship as important as work process and team results.*
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Communicating as a Virtual Team Leader


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