Corporate Wikis: The Effects of Owners Motivation and Behavior on Group Members Engagement

  • jul 2014
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Dossier: Communitymanagement

Wetenschappelijk onderzoek naar de inzet van Corporate Wiki's: wat is de invloed van de eigenaar op het succes van de wiki? In het kort: is de eigenaar bezig met zaken als veiligheid en risico-mijden, dan is de wiki nauwelijks levensvatbaar. Is hij/zij daarentegen gericht op aanmoedigen, dan is de kans op succes beduidend groter.

  1. members of a wiki group attend to and model the values, attitudes, orientations and behaviors of wiki owners. [...] Other members of the wiki group interpret the owner’s engagement, as well as inferences about underlying motives, as social cues that shape their own behavior.
  2. The implications of our findings for the management of wikis in corporate environments would be, essentially, to align the organizational procedures surrounding wiki deployment with the technology’s affordances, namely to accentuate aspects of the technology and the social context that evoke promotion focus and attempt to minimize those that foster prevention-focused regulation.


Originally designed as a tool to alleviate bottlenecks associated with knowledge management, the suitability of wikis for corporate settings has been questioned given the inherent tensions between wiki affordances and the realities of organizational life. Drawing on regulatory focus theory and social cognitive theory, we developed and tested a model of the motivational dynamics underlying corporate wikis. We examined leaders (owners) and users of 187 wiki-based projects within a large multinational firm. Our findings revealed two countervailing motivational forces, one oriented toward accomplishment and achievement (promotion focus) and one oriented toward safety and security (prevention focus), that not only predicted owners' participation but also the overall level of engagement within the wiki groups. Our primary contribution is in showing that, notwithstanding the potential benefits to users, wikis can trigger risk-avoidance motives that potentially impede engagement. Practically, our findings call for an alignment between organizational procedures surrounding wiki deployment and the technology's affordances.


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