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Shifting the Meaning of Hierarchy to Community | On Web Strategy | Dion Hinchcliffe

Sinds Dion Hinchcliffe verkast is van werkgever, vind ik zijn blogposts een stuk interessanter. Dit keer over de toenemende invloed van de community in businessmodellen en organisaties. Om alvast de pointe van het artikel te verraden:

*Implications of Networked Work Hierarchies
The move to networked models of work therefore appears to imply the following:

  • A network of self-interested people organizing dynamically around what needs to be done is more efficient and effective. Forcing work down only through traditional hierarchies produces poorer and much more costly outcomes. This assumes of course, that there are tools, education, and organizational structures to enable the former. Again the evidence is clear that peer production is a richer — if sometimes less predictable — and far more scalable and agile way of working. Therefore:
  • Greater business value is created with least overhead or friction by self-interested and engaged communities. Organizations that try to “do it all” with their own workforce simply cannot compete.The individual/organizational bond is steadily becoming the individual/community/organizational bond.
  • Community is a new emerging construct between our institutions and individuals. Like most major changes to the world, this is neither a complete nor total shift, but a gradual change in the center of gravity. *


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