Treating technology as infrastructure

  • nov 2013
  • Charlotte
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  • Aangepast dec 2013
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Een interessante presentatie van Kai Riemer (o.a. bekend van de 'nutzungsoffenheit' term). In zijn presentatie vertelt hij dat veel organisaties technologie nog steeds als tool zien. Hij geeft aan dat de tool view niet toereikend is voor technology en Enterprise Social Media, "Tools serve a function" [...] "treating technology as tools is a backward-looking move". Daarentegen zou technology juist met een infrastructure view bekeken moeten worden "as it enables unknowable forms of use" and "infrastructure unlocks innovation creating new potentials".

Verder geeft hij aan dat management het aan de gebruikers kan overlaten om te bepalen hoe zij de technologie inzetten: "management should just let go" [...] "users have to own the technology 'self organization'".

"In this talk, given at DISRUPT.SYDNEY on 5 September 2013, I contrast the dominant tool view of technology with what I term an infrastructure view. The dominant tool view treats technology as a solution for a problem. Technology has a distinct purpose and serves a need. My argument is that we quite naturally assume this view as it fits with the management orthodoxy of justifying investments through business cases. However, this narrow view of technology obscures the view of the enabling nature of technology in supporting uses that are fundamentally unknowable prior to making investment decisions. A tool view thus hinders innovating with technology as it results in conservative rather than forward-thinking decision."