Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC): Intranets 2013: my top 10 take-aways

  • mei 2013
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Intranets 2013 is inmiddels weer geweest. In deze wrap up de 10 belangrijkste leerpunten van de sessies. Met hier dan nog eens de tien punten eruit gehaald:

  1. Home pages (and intranets in general) are becoming more personalised
  2. Home pages are beginning to include stories by staff as well as official news provided by the communications department
  3. There is a need for an even greater emphasis on business outcomes and clear measurable objectives
  4. Sex doesn't sell, stories do
  5. There is a lot of work to do before enterprise social technologies are mainstream
  6. The big bang approach to intranet development is losing legs
  7. Common sense SharePoint - some great practical tips
  8. It takes a lot more than just good technology to deliver a successful intranet
  9. Building communities is critical to intranet success
  10. Organisations seem to be moving away (very slowly) from bureaucracy and hierarchy to more of network structure

Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC): Intranets 2013: my top 10 take-aways

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