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Site met tools, inspiratie en houvast voor iedereen die gelooft in de kracht van engagement, toegespitst op Groot-Brittannië. In hun eigen woorden:

*Engage for Success is a movement committed to the idea that there is a better way to work, a better way to enable personal growth, organisational growth and ultimately growth for Britain by releasing more of the capability and potential of people at work.*

Social media en engagement gaan volgens mij hand in hand. Of liever gezegd: het is lastig om te engagen in een bedrijf dat uit meer dan 1 koffiemachine bestaat. Dan is het handig als er middelen zijn om deze vier in-staat-stellers ruimte te bieden:

  1. Visible, empowering leadership providing a strong strategic narrative about the organisation, where it’s come from and where it’s going.
  2. Engaging managers who focus their people and give them scope, treat their people as individuals and coach and stretch their people.
  3. There is employee voice throughout the organisations, for reinforcing and challenging views, between functions and externally, employees are seen as central to the solution.
  4. There is organisational integrity – the values on the wall are reflected in day to day behaviours. There is no ‘say –do’ gap.
Engage For Success

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