Business rationale for de-perimeterisation

  • nov 2012
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Voor iedereen

De-perimeterisation - een woord dat in spelling en uitspraak onmogelijk is. Maar in de praktijk betekent het : Tearing down the walls! Dit whitepaper uit 2007 (!) beschrijft een herkenbaar mechanisme:

"many business and IT leaders, who rightly understand that good security is mandatory to doing business in the 21 st century, have become victim to the perpetuated myth that good security starts (and in many cases ends) with a hardened perimeter, and also the fallacy that a hardened perimeter is required by whichever audit regimes they are subject to."

Om direct te vervolgen:

"It is essential that businesses and IT leaders relinquish this preconception, and understand what their businesses would be able to achieve if the perimeter was not there inhibiting innovation, wide collaborative working, expansion and speed to market."

Wat is dan de-perimeterisation?

"De-perimeterisation is simply the concept of architecting security for the extended business boundary and not an arbitrary IT boundary."

Waarom na 5 jaar opeens beginnen over dit concept? Omdat UK post office's employee site,, een voorbeeld van dit concept is en waar ik nu een kort artikel over las.