Why Social Learning Benefits Your Business

  • mei 2012
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Voor iedereen

Met de groei van aandacht voor interne social media, social business en enterprise social software, zie je ook het goede oude "social learning" van een revival genieten. En terecht. Want de "lerende organisatie" heeft grote potentie.

Kijk hiervoor naar de "return on social learning": adding value to "what’s important to the organization, like retaining institutional knowledge, solving complex problems collaboratively and attracting people to your organization.”

Maria Ogneva, director of community at Yammer, says, “If your goal is to increase customer satisfaction, perhaps the impact metric you are looking for is the increase of speed of a response to a customer, and how collaboration helps you do that. For any social effort to be successful, it has to tie to a business objective.”

Veel managers zijn bang voor de gevolgen van interne sociale media. Maar, zo stelt het artikel: "It’s important to make the distinction between a management problem and a technology problem. Most often, problems that occur with the use of social media are management problems."

Why Social Learning Benefits Your Business | Mashable


Why Social Learning Benefits Your Business