BYOD is unstoppable. Smart companies must build apps

  • apr 2012
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Interessant pleidooi voor enterprise software die voor ieder device geschikt gemaakt moet kunnen worden, waarbij de beveiliging niet in het geding komt.

Both companies combined their existing enterprise assets with an API management solution to create mobile-friendly APIs. These APIs powered the mobile apps with suitable security, reliability and performance. [...] The value proposition of the API proxy increases dramatically if it is able to map between the security protocol of choice in the mobile world, OAuth, and the existing security infrastructure in the enterprise. Web single sign-on solutions are too heavyweight for mobile devices, but their underlying policies and infrastructure can be reused in this context. The API proxy is the key to bridging the gap between the integration and security needs of the mobile devices and the existing and proven enterprise services and policies.

BYOD is unstoppable. Smart companies must build apps

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