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  • dec 2011
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Dossier: Psychologie

*A recent study has tested this idea that there's a disconnect between what people say about creativity and what they unconsciously think (Mueller et al. 2011).
They used tests that typically assess implicit or unconscious racism. Racism is something that almost everyone knows is wrong, but psychologists have found we can still measure hidden or unconscious racism in some people using this test. Instead, though, it was used to measure a hidden or unconscious bias against creativity.

Across two experiments Mueller and colleagues found that when people felt uncertain they were: more likely to have negative thoughts about creative idea, and found it more difficult to recognise creative ideas.This supports the idea that people don't like creative ideas because they tend to increase uncertainty. The thinking goes like this: we know how to do things we've done before, but new things are mysterious. How will we achieve it? Is it practical? What could go wrong? And so on...*

Ook voor het stimuleren van creatieve ideeen en/of die werkelijk maken geldt de wet van behoud van energie. Als het te anders is dan nu, dan voelen mensen zich te onzeker over de uitkomsten (want die weet je nog niet) en zijn dus waarschijnlijk niet geneigd om het idee echt tot wasdom te laten komen.

Dossier: Psychologie

Why People Secretly Fear Creative Ideas - PsyBlog


Why creative ideas are often rejected in favour of conformity and uniformity.