Social Business: Distinguishing the Misleading Metrics from the Meaningful (feat. Laurie Shook)

  • Mark
  • okt 2011
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Blogpost waarin Laurie Shook ingaat op relevante statistieken voor social intranets.

Some of the statistics that make the most sense as key performance metrics for the enterprise social collaboration platform.

Average Daily Platform Users or Unique Visitors. If masses access the platform on a daily basis, it’s an indicator it’s useful and integrated into daily workflow. The long term goal should approach 100%, or the organization’s comparable email usage rate.

Active Monthly Groups. This is a good measurement for successful collaboration around identified business problems. It will help qualm the fears of those who think enterprise social is social and not work-related.

Incremental Questions, and % of Questions Answered. An active community has lots of questions, and a vibrant community has lots of answers. A community with infrequent questions is moribund.

Monthly Contributors as a Percent of Monthly Users. While average daily users measures breadth of engagement, this measurement helps to measure the depth of employee engagement.

Incremental blog posts, wikis added, documents added. Measuring content creation tracks the underlying benefit of enterprise social. Moving institutional knowledge off the desktop and out of email into searchable, accessible space is the grand vision of enterprise collaboration.

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