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  • aug 2011
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Dossier: Communitymanagement

Pleidooi voor de echte community:

  • Therein lies the paradox of the social network that no one wants to admit: as the size of the network increases, our ability to be social decreases.
Daartegenover stelt de auteur:
  • Communities, the kind with clearly demarcated lines of membership, have always existed within the context of larger networks, and always broke off in bits and pieces to make them feel familiar. Communities, and the spaces that are given to them to form in, are the only way we are able to work with the network of the physical world.

En dan de essentie:

  • Communities give us an audience and a perspective. We know who we’re talking to. This doesn’t seem like a big thing, but it’s the glue that holds our communication together. It’s the difference between shouting out into the void, and having a conversation with someone standing in front of you.

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The Social Network Paradox | TechCrunch

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