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The Social Unconscious | Psychology Today

  • Mark
  • aug 2011
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Bleek eerder al hoe simpel 'harde kennis' is (Vierjarigen herkennen echte slimmeriken -, nu blijkt ook het mechanisme van (het falen van) samenwerking heel eenvoudig: *So, like other members of the animal kingdom, we too are wired for survival. Why, then, don't we do a better job of working together to utilize that wisdom?The reason is that we are preoccupied with our relations with each other. Constantly jockeying among ourselves, we search for a competitive advantage, or we look for ways to fit in and belong. Either we want to win or we want to be accepted. Each choice puts our individual interests ahead of the community. We don't easily trust that we could work together and also remain ourselves.*

The Social Unconscious | Psychology Today

How the unconscious helps, and how it can be helped

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