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  • jul 2006
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Een voorbeeld van een wiki voor online vrijwilligerswerk voor goede doelen. De kanttekening van de webmaster is oprecht en herkenbaar vanuit onze eigen praktijk: Clare: Nick Gerda (our USA communications coordinator) and I met on Wikinews and were both very enthused by the idea of wikis. I feel that they have the potential to really widen the amount of 'voices' in the world. As well as just liking wikis, we increasingly needed ways to collaborate on documents around the world. Emailing Word documents about was getting clumsy, so we decided to try out the wiki for collaboration and also extend it in order to widen participation in Never Again's work. It has to be said, though we hoped the wiki would be our 'main' website, we are adding a more standard redesigned website because we found that people were looking for information that they found difficult to find on the wiki - collaboration will hopefully come afterwards.
Main Page - Never Again

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