Dossier: Psychologie

The Science of Getting People to Do Good : Center for Social Innovation (CSI)

  • Mark
  • jun 2011
  • 1444

Wie geld wil inzamelen, doet er goed aan bovenaan de naar bovengaande roltrap te staan:

*these four studies suggest that the embodied experience of being physically higher can lead people to literally “rise up to higher virtues” — and that this prosocial orientation influences their actual behaviors. Moreover, this transfer effect can occur through modes that do not primarily involve embodiment, such as through exposing people visually to films, and so forth — what psychologists often refer to as “priming.”In short, it seems that once the metaphor of “higher ground” is activated for someone, whether through embodiment or priming, that individual is more likely to lend a helping hand to someone else in need.*

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