Global Intranet Trends 2011

  • jun 2011
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Voor iedereen

Five megatrends are re-shaping the intranet and impacting how people work:

  1. The intranet is becoming the front-door into the “workplace web” (the overall landscape of content, services, tools and applications people need to do their jobs).
  2. The intranet is becoming more team-oriented, as project and collaborative spaces are being integrated.
  3. The intranet is becoming people-focused, as its scope is expanding to include internal networking and social media.
  4. The intranet is enabling people to communicate in near real-time, through web-conferencing, micro-blogging and other tools.
  5. The intranet is place-independent, letting people access it from outside the physical walls of the enterprise, and through mobile devices and smart phones.
These five trends were first identified in 2009 and have been reconfirmed by the 2010 data.