What is the role of 'Hospitability' on community management?

  • jan 2011
  • claudia
  • 947

I have been asking myself what would be the role of 'hospitality' in community management.
Communities always face an insider/outsider problematic. Media theory has linked virtual communities to the question of 'the other', the stranger. This is about the me and the other, and how I relate to the other, who is the other to me.

Hospitality needed in relation to the one that is other to us or to the community, the outsider, the one that can be welcomed into the community and/or into a conversation.  ‘A genuine test of hospitality: to receive the other’s visitation just where there has been no prior invitation, preceding “here”, the one arriving’, so writes Derrida at the beginning of On Touching. (Derrida J. (2005) On Touching, Stanford University Press: Stanford, Calif.)
 Lucas Introna and Martin Brigham's paper use ideas of Derrida on Hospitality and Virtual Community. http://www.emeraldinsight.com/journals.htm?articleid=1612611&show=pdf.
"Hospitality is the ongoing ethical burden of community that must be negotiated and invented every step of the way.