Why Executives HATE Social Media | The Deming Hill Blog

  • aug 2010
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Kritisch artikel over social media en executives. Na eerst alle redenen verteld te hebben waarom de executive een hekel heeft aan social media, komt de opsomming van wat er wel leuk aan is. Toch is de rant zelf prikkelender. Bv: 

"The reason we hate social networking is the same reason we hate REGULAR networking.  Exchanging small talk for 2 hours in a room full of strangers, with a drink in one hand and a business card in the other, and a “Hi, I’m Doug” nametag peeling off my lapel, and standing – my goodness the standing – and looking unsuccessfully for ANY food with some protein in it, and wondering if this guy with the too-firm handshake is going to see if we can “LinkIn” after sharing an elevator ride, before glancing at my watch and counting the minutes until I can leave and get back to work.  It’s a nightmare.  Why?  Because – surprise, surprise – most executives are actually introverts, who value their time and their privacy and are constantly evaluating the ROI tradeoffs of every hour of every day.  (Quiz:  How many times have you heard a CEO describe himself as a “People Person”?)"De moeite van het lezen meer dan waard!
Why Executives HATE Social Media | The Deming Hill Blog


I’m an executive and I HATE social media. There, I said it. It’s finally “out there.” But before ...


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