The Real ROI of Blogging

  • okt 2008
  • Rene
  • 1477
Dossier: Sociale Innovatie

De belangrijkste tips voor een goede corporate blog: 

- We didn't launch the blog until we identified the readers with whom we wanted to share and reach. In our case, we write for three types of readers--consultants, our clients and our potential ideal clients.

- We remain consistent with our content, focusing on brand development, marketing, communications, public relations, advertising, social media and social networking. On some Fridays, we deviate by publishing something fun.

- We write for our readers, not for ourselves.

- We respond to every comment by e-mail and usually also with a comment.

- We are always on the search for new directories the blog can be listed in. We carefully choose our tags.

- We comment on other blogs, forums and chats as often as we can,

- We are faithful to some 50 blogs that we read regularly and, in addition to placing them in our blog roll, we give credit when they inspire us to write something and recognize them when they do good works.

- We review our stats often to identify the most popular posts so we can better meet our reader's wants and needs.

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