Experience how Air France - KLM uses Harmonics as their social platform 'ishare'

Free case-description Air France-KLM

In this whitepaper Air France and KLM describe their learnings with ishare, their internal social platform for 10.000 employees of their global Commercials Sales and Marketing division, proudly based on Winkwaves Harmonics.

  • Learn how they used the 'reversed engagement' approach to stimulate participation;
  • How their social intranet helped managing teams, helped managing and standardising processes, supported managing global projects, and stimulated share knowledge and best practices.

Introduction to Harmonics

mrt 2017 | in About Winkwaves & Harmonics

Harmonics is a future oriented social intranet. Trustworthy but also innovative. You could consider it as an interactive platform with a communication and knowledge-sharing space. All users have access to all kinds of information, both formal and informal. Besides that, everybody can share documents knowledge and experiences, can find and engage with them, and can create valuable knowledge for colleagues and company. It does not matter if it are documents, events, ideas, notes or learning bits it all comes together at Harmonics. All in a save and secure environment.

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